We here at Online-Poker-Index.com actively promote responsible gaming. It is important to remember that poker is no more than a game and should be played strictly for fun, entertainment and, of course, only in moderation.

Following, is a very basic list of guidelines to follow whenever one engages in wager games:

• Never wager more than a tiny fraction of your disposable income.
• When you sit to play, set a monetary limit for yourself. Once the limit is reached, walk away.
• Never chase your losses.
• Never play if you are impaired (whether you be tired, drunk, depressed or under the influence of alcohol or any other drug)

If you begin to feel that poker is having a negative affect on any aspect of your life, whether it be affecting your professional life or affecting your relationships with friends or loved ones, and you are feeling unsure of whether you have control over your love of poker and your compulsion to play; we implore you to contact one of the following organizations and seek their guidance: