Join Absolute Poker’s Blackjack Tables And Take A Break From The Grind
Monday, 7. February 2011

If you are looking to step away from the grind at the poker tables then you should consider checking out Absolute Poker’s Blackjack tables. Absolute Poker offers their players standard Blackjack as well as their exciting brand of Tournament Blackjack.

Absolute Poker has taken the excitement and speed of Blackjack and has fused it with the competitive action of online poker tournaments in creating Tournament Blackjack. In Tournament Blackjack, players play Blackjack as they normally would but must earn more chips then their fellow competitors in order to win.

The rules of Absolute Poker’s Tournament Blackjack are rather simple:

* Players begin the tournament with a stack of $25,000 in tournament chips. The maximum bet in the preliminary round is $25,000 and the minimum bet is $500.
* Between 6 and 7 players are seated at a table and a rotating marker is used in order to indicate which player acts first in each round. The rotating marker rotates clockwise after each hand much in the same way as the ”button” in poker.
* The Elimination Hands are hands 8, 16 and 25. The player with the smallest chip pile after each of these hands is eliminated.
* Players are allotted 15 seconds in order to act; 30 seconds during Elimination Hands.
* Each participant is allowed one Secret Bet that they may use whenever they wish. The Secret Bet allows players to place a bet without other players knowing the bet’s size.
* At the final table, all of the players’ chip stacks are reset to $100,000 in tournament chips. The maximum bet at the final table is $100,000 and the minimum bet is $1,000.

Join Absolute Poker and checkout their innovative new Tournament Blackjack.