Turn A Dime Into A Dream With Absolute Poker’s STEP Tournaments
Thursday, 13. January 2011

Absolute Poker’s STEP tournaments are a series of Sit & Go tournaments made up of 10 Steps. Players may buy-in at the first STEP for a nominal fee of $0.10 and work their way up the STEPS or buy-in at any subsequent STEP for a greater price; the higher the STEP, the higher the buy-in. Absolute Poker offers players 10 STEP Tournaments with the winner of the 10th and final STEP claiming the feature prize, usually a prize package for a major land-based event.

The structures, formats and prizes of Absolute Poker’s STEP tournaments will vary somewhat. Most commonly, players will find that the top 2 finishers in each STEP will win entry into the next STEP level, 3rd and 4th will have the opportunity to replay the current STEP and 5th will drop down to play the previous STEP level.

Participate in Absolute Poker’s STEP Tournaments and turn a dime into a fortune.