Watch Your Caboose When The 7 Deuce Is On The Loose At Absolute Poker
Wednesday, 2. February 2011

The first reflex of most players when they look down at their hand and see [7][2] when playing Texas Hold’em is to throw them into the muck. A player cannot be blamed for chucking away a [7][2], it is the worst hand in poker. Not any longer. The Absolute Poker 7 Deuce tables bring the worst hand in poker into the fold of the game.

If you have had the pleasure of watching Poker After Dark on NBC or High Stakes Poker on GSN then you might have noticed the players putting up a prop bet for 7 Deuce. What this means is that if a player manages to take down a hand with a [7][2], the other players at the table will pay the player a specified amount of money as a prop bet. Offering a prop bet on 7 Deuce mixes up the game and results in a greater amount of action at the table with players holding 7 Deuce scrambling to try and bluff a win for the prop bet and other players at the table trying not to get punked.

The Absolute Poker 7 Deuce tables operate just like any other No Limit Texas Hold’em ring game table except that players will contribute money towards the prop bet which is added to a side pot. There are two ways that a player can claim the side pot:

* The player is holding [7][2] resulting in the best hand at the table.
* The player holds [7][2] and is bluffing and manages to win the hand.

Once a player claims the side pot, all of the players at the table will be required to put up a new prop bet. If a player leaves the 7 Deuce tables without anyone having won with a [7][2] then the player will get their prop bet back.

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