Get More Action Out Of Your Royal Flush With Absolute Poker’s Royal Flush Jackpot
Saturday, 19. February 2011

Every poker player dreams of hitting a Royal Flush. It is the nightmare of every poker to finally hit a Royal Flush and not get any action with it. Imagine getting the biggest, baddest hand in poker only to have everyone toss their cards into the muck. Well, if you play in Absolute Poker’s new specially marked Royal Flush Jackpot Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) tables, you won’t have to worry about claiming a nominal pot with your monster hand because you will walk away with the PLO Royal Flush Jackpot.

When players play at the Royal Flush Jackpot tables, Absolute Poker collects $0.50 from the pot of each and every raked hand and adds it to the Royal Flush Jackpot. The Royal Flush Jackpot is progressive and continues growing until it is finally claimed. In order for a hand to be considered for the Royal Flush Jackpot, the following conditions must be met:

* The winning hand must be made up of two of the player’s four hole cards. Of course, we are talking about Omaha so the hand obviously must be made up of two of the player’s hole cards…just clarifying in case you were thinking of being cute.
* The opponent’s or opponents’ hand or hands must also be made up of two of their four hole cards.
* The hand must make it to the showdown.
* The pot must be large enough to generate a jackpot rake.
* A minimum of four players must have been dealt into the hand.

If a player hits a Royal Flush and the above conditions are met then…it’s a celebration! Everyone celebrates because all of the players that participated in the hand get a piece of the action. The Royal Flush Jackpot is divided as follows:

* 65% goes to the players dealt into the hand.
* 25% is used to seed the next Royal Flush Jackpot.
* 10% goes to the house.

The 65% of the Royal Flush Jackpot going to the players is paid out as follows:

* 50% goes to the player that hit the Royal Flush.
* 25% is divided amongst the players at the table that were dealt into the hand.
* 25% is divided amongst all of the players that were participating in Royal Flush Jackpot tables of the same stake level of the table where the Royal Flush was hit.

The great thing about the Royal Flush Jackpot is that you don’t even have to be at the same table at which the Royal Flush was hit in order to get in on the action…you just have to have been playing at the same stake level as the player that hit the Royal Flush.

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