Bust-Out Bounties At Full Tilt Poker
Tuesday, 16. February 2010

There is nothing better than busting a pro and getting to tell your friends about it; except maybe busting a pro, getting to tell your friends and earning a $200 cash bonus in the process.

Players participating in any of Full Tilt Poker’s scheduled multi table cash tournaments with at least 30 players qualify to earn $200 any time that they knock out a Full Tilt pro (highlighted in red) with Full Tilt Poker’s Bust-Out Bounties promotion. Just in case they are worried that their friends won’t believe that they have managed to knock out a pro, Full Tilt Poker will also send players a free T-shirt for each pro that they manage to knockout. In the event that more than one player shares a pot where a Full Tilt pro busts, the player that won the biggest pot in which the pro participated in will receive a full bounty for busting a pro.

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