Friday Night Is Fight Night At Full Tilt Poker
Tuesday, 2. March 2010

Friday night is fight night at Full Tilt Poker with big prize money on the line as well as plenty of entertainment. Full Tilt Poker’s Friday Night Fights promotion consists of the $500 Knockout Bounty Tournament, heads-up matches between Full Tilt pros and $5K Sweat Tournaments.

The $500 Knockout Bounty Tournament is a No Limit Texas Hold’em Knockout Tournament taking place every Friday night at 21:00ET. Players may either buy in for $500+$35 or satellite their way in for as little as $1 or 50 Full Tilt Points. $400 from the buy in goes towards the prize pool and $100 goes towards the player’s knockout bounty. Players receive a $100 cash bonus for each competitor they send to the rails.

If you are looking for a little entertainment, you can watch Full Tilt Poker pros go at it in the main event of a winner takes all heads-up tournament with each pro beginning with $10,000 in chips.

There is no reason to just watch the pros play when players can win themselves entry into the following Friday’s $500 Knockout Bounty Tournament. Each professional player competing in a Friday Night Fight heads-up main event sponsors their own $5K Sweat Tournament. The $5K Sweat Tournaments run at 20:05 ET on Friday Nights. The $5K Sweat Tournaments are $10+1 buy in knockout tournament with $8 of the buy in going towards the prize pool and $2 going towards each player’s knockout bounty. If both the player and the pro that sponsored the $5K Sweat Tournament in which the player is playing win, then the player wins a free buy in to the following Friday’s $500 Knockout Bounty Tournament on top of their winnings from the $5K Sweat Tournament. It is important to note that players may participate in only one of the pro’s $5K Sweat Tournaments.

Join Full Tilt Poker today and get ready to duke it out on Friday nights.