Get In On The Action Of The FTOPS XIX At A Fraction Of The Cost With Full Tilt Poker’s MiniFTOPS XIX
Sunday, 16. January 2011

Full Tilt Poker’s Mini Full Tilt Online Poker Series XIX (MiniFTOPS XIX) allows players to get in on the same action as the FTOPS XIX at a fraction of the cost. The MiniFTOPS XIX offers players an amazing 45 events and over $8,000,000 in guaranteed prize money.

The MiniFTOPS XIX will begin on March 6th and features the same events as the FTOPS XIX at approximately one tenth of the buy-in. The events of the MiniFTOPS XIX enjoy very large starting fields and offer excellent tournament structures giving players a lot of bang for their buck.

The MiniFTOPS XIX series highlights include:

* The introduction of a $1,000+$60 No Limit Texas Hold’em Heads Up Event offering a $100,000 guaranteed prizepool.
* Introduction of Multi-Entry Tournament events, the new tournament format found exclusively at Full Tilt Poker.
* The MiniFTOPS XIX $200+$16 Two-Day Event offering a $600,000 guaranteed prizepool.
* The MiniFTOPS XIX $70+$5 Main Event offering a massive 1,250,000 guaranteed prizepool.

MiniFTOPS XIX Satellite Tournaments
Players may buy-in directly to any of the MiniFTOPS XIX events or try and satellite in starting from as low as $0.50 or 50 Full Tilt Points. Satellites for the MiniFTOPS XIX events will begin running at Full Tilt Poker on February 20th.

MiniFTOPS XIX Satellite Challenge
The MiniFTOPS XIX Satellite Challenge runs in the same way as the FTOPS XIX Satellite Challenge. Players must simply win as many satellites to the same MiniFTOPS XIX event as possible. When a player wins their first satellite to a given MiniFTOPS XIX Event satellite, they are registered to that event by Full Tilt Poker. For every additional satellite that the player wins to that same MiniFTOPS XIX Event, Full Tilt Poker will credit their account with the equivalent of the event’s buy-in in Tournament Dollars (T$). Players winning the most satellites to each individual MiniFTOPS XIX Event will win the equivalent of two more buy-ins to that event in T$ and the players winning the second most will be awarded the equivalent of one more buy-in to the event in T$.

MiniFTOPS XIX Leaderboard
Full Tilt Poker Poker will be maintaining a MiniFTOPS XIX Leaderboard. The player topping the MiniFTOPS XIX Leaderboard will be awarded a very special prize package that includes seats in every FTOPS XX Event with the exception of the Two-Day and $10,000 Heads Up Events. The prize package is estimated to be worth $14,000.

Additional MiniFTOPS XIX Prizes
Full Tilt Poker will be awarding players making it to the final table in any Mini FTOPS XIX Event with additional prizes:

* All players making it to a MiniFTOPS Event final table will receive a MiniFTOPS jacket.
* All MiniFTOPS Event winners will receive a silver MiniFTOPS jersey to match their MiniFTOPS jacket.

MiniFTOPS XIX Two-Day Event
The MiniFTOPS XIX Two-Day event features a direct buy-in of $200+$16 and a massive $600,000 prizepool. This event is scheduled to begin on March 19th at 13:00 ET.

MiniFTOPS XIX Multi-Entry Tournaments
Players will find a number of new Multi-Entry Tournaments in the MiniFTOPS XIX lineup of events. The Multi-Entry Tournament format is new and exclusive to Full Tilt Poker. Players are allowed to register multiple times to the same tournament, effectively multi-tableing in a single tournament. The Mini FTOPS XIX will include a selection of nine Multi-Entry Tournaments:

Visit Full Tilt Poker for a detailed MiniFTOPS XIX Event schedule.