Over $22 Million Guaranteed In Full Tilt Poker’s FTOPS XIX This February
Saturday, 15. January 2011

The Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) made its debut back in August 2006 and offered players a total guaranteed prizepool of $1 million. The FTOPS have certainly come a long way; FTOPS XIX will offer players a total of over $22 million in guaranteed prizepools over 45 amazing events.

FTOPS XIX will begin on February 6th and offers 45 events, 11 more events than FTOPS XVIII. Each event of the FTOPS XIX will be hosted by a Full Tilt Pro. This FTOPS will include a new $10,000+$300 No Limit Texas Hold’em Heads Up event with a guaranteed prizepool of $500K, brand new Multi Entry Tournaments, the Two-Day Event and the huge FTOPS XIX Main Event that will feature a $3 million prizepool.

FTOPS XIX $10,000 No Limit Texas Hold’em Heads Up Two Day Event
Full Tilt Poker has included a fat new event to the FTOPS XIX in the $10,000 No Limit Texas Hold’em (NLH) Heads Up Two Day Event. This event will take place on February 12th and has a massive $500,000 guaranteed prizepool.

FTOPS XIX Multi-Entry Tournaments
Full Tilt Poker is introducing their unique new Multi-Entry Tournament format to the FTOPS XIX. Full Tilt Poker’s Multi-Entry Tournaments allow players to register to the same tournament multiple times. Players then multi-table the same tournament. FTOPS XIX will feature a collection of 9 Multi-Entry-Tournaments:

FTOPS XIX Rush Poker Events
Rush Poker, the world’s most high paced poker game hit’s the world stage yet again in FTOPS XIX. FTOPS XIX will feature seven high octane Rush Poker events; including Event 41, a NLH Rebuy Rush with an astounding $600,000 prizepool.

FTOPS XIX “Bouncebackability” Freeroll
Full Tilt Poker knows how depressing it can be to be the “Bubble Boy”, the player to get knocked out before the first finishing position to get paid. Full Tilt Poker wants to alleviate the pain in the FTOPS XIX by offering their “Bouncebackability” Freeroll. All players finishing on the “Bubble” in the FTOPS XIX will win themselves a seat to the “Bouncebackability” Freeroll that will award a player with a ticket to the FTOPS XX Main Event. The FTOPS XIX “Bouncebackability” Freeroll is scheduled to take place on February 26th at 15:00 ET.

FTOPS XIX Leaderboard
Full Tilt Poker will be maintaining a FTOPS XIX Leaderboard. At the end of the FTOPS XIX, the player with the most Leaderboard Points will be awarded a customer Full Tilt Poker avatar and a ticket to all of the FTOPS XX Events (with the exception of the Two-Day and the $10,000 Heads Up Events).

Additional FTOPS XIX Prizes
Players finishing in the final table of any of the FTOPS XIX events will receive more than just their share of the prize pool:

* All players making it to the final table of a FTOPS XIX Event will be awarded a FTOPS jacket.
* All FTOPS XIX Event winners will receive a gold FTOPS jersey and a gold jersey avatar in addition to a FTOPS jacket.

FTOPS XIX Satellite Tournaments
FTOPS XIX Event satellite tournaments are now running at Full Tilt Poker. Players can win their tickets to the FTOPS XIX Events at just a fraction of the cost through Full Tilt Poker’s Steps Tournaments. Players can use Step 5 Tickets to buy in to any FTOPS XIX Event with a buy-in of $200+$16, Step 6 Tickets to buy in to the $600+$40 Main Event and Step 7 Tickets to buy in to the $2,000+$100 Two-Day Event.

FTOPS XIX Satellite Challenge
Players participating in the FTOPS XIX Satellite Challenge must win as many tickets to FTOPS XIX Events as possible. Whenever a player wins their first satellite to a particular FTOPS XIX Event satellite, Full Tilt Poker will register the player to the corresponding event. For every additional satellite that the player wins to that same FTOPS XIX Event, Full Tilt Poker will credit their account with the equivalent of the event’s buy-in in Tournament Dollars (T$). Players winning the most satellites to any particular FTOPS XIX Event will win the equivalent of two more buy-ins to that event in T$ and the player winning the second most walk away with the equivalent of one more buy-in to that event in T$.

The MiniFTOPS XIX offer players an opportunity to exchange a relatively small buy-in to a big cash prize. The MiniFTOPS XIX will feature the same exact events as the FTOPS XIX, at 1/10th of the buy-ins. The FTOPS XIX will boast a total of over $8,000,000 in guaranteed prizepools and will kick off on March 6th.

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