The Full Tilt Poker Iron Man Challenge Promotion
Thursday, 28. January 2010

Full Tilt Poker has developed the Iron Man Challenge in appreciation of those dedicated players that sit at the Full Tilt tables each and every day. In order to qualify for Full Tilt Poker’s Iron Man Challenge, players must begin their journey no later than March 31, 2010 at 23:59 ET.

Players may achieve either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Iron status for a particular month by playing daily and accruing a minimum number of Full Tilt points. Full Tilt points are earned by either playing in real money ring games or real money tournaments with points being credited at the end of each hand in ring games or at the end of the tournament.

See the chart below to see how to qualify for the different Iron Man Status levels:

Full Tilt Poker rewards their players that achieve an Iron Man status with Iron Man medals that can be used in the Iron Man Challenge Store for cash bonuses, tournament tokens and more. See the chart below to see the number of medals that you can receive in your first month of the Iron Man challenge based upon the Iron Man status achieved:

Iron Status: 100 medals
Gold Status: 70 medals
Silver Status: 40 medals
Bronze Status: 25 medals

Once you have achieved an Iron Man status, additional medals can be made in the following months in one of two ways:

• Keep current Iron Man status level for consecutive months.
• Go up to a higher level in consecutive months.

With each consecutive month that a player maintains their Iron Man status, they awarded an increase of 20% in Iron Man medals.

In addition to Iron Man medals, Full Tilt Poker is also awarding Iron Man Challenge players with special bonuses that can earn players over $100,000 in additional cash bonuses or extra Iron Man medals.

Players with Iron Man status qualify for one of four monthly Iron Man Freeroll tournaments; one for each level of status:

Bronze $10K Freeroll
Silver $15K Freeroll
Gold $20K Freeroll
Iron Man $30,000 Freeroll

Winners of the freerolls will face each other in a four person Sit & Go tournament for $5,000. The winner of the Sit & Go tournament moves on to play three Full Tilt Poker pros in consecutive heads up games. Players sending one pro to the rails receive $5,000. Players that beat two pros receive $10,000. Bronze, Silver and Gold freeroll winners that beat three pros receive $50,000. Iron Man freeroll winners that beat three pros receive $100,000.

Players that prefer not to participate in the monthly freerolls, may exchange their freeroll entry for additional Iron Man medals as shown below:

Iron Status: 100 bonus medals
Gold Status: 70 bonus medals
Silver Status: 40 bonus medals
Bronze Status: 25 bonus medals.

Join Full Tilt Poker today and see if you have what it takes to be an Iron Man.