Rush Poker At Full Tilt Poker
Wednesday, 25. November 2009

Rush Poker is a fast high-octane game and it is only available at Full Tilt Poker. When joining a game of Rush Poker, you become part of a large pool of players and you are seated at the first available table. When first joining a Rush Poker game, you are required to post the big blind; after that, the player that has gone the longest at the table without having posted will be the big blind for that hand. The posting of the small blind and all other seating positions are random for each hand.

Standard Texas Hold’em ring game rules apply when playing Rush Poker. Once you fold your hand, you are immediately moved to another table where you will be dealt your next hand once the new table has filled.

As if the action wasn’t fast enough, there is a Quick Fold button located at the bottom of the Rush Poker tables. Once clicking the Quick Fold button, you are immediately taken to the next table even if it is before your turn to act. Players at your previous tables will not be aware that you have folded until your turn comes. The thing to keep in mind is that once the Quick Fold button is pushed, there is no going back.

If the action still isn’t fast enough then Full Tilt allows you to join the same Rush Poker game more than once. Multi tabling the same Rush Poker game is quite easy and just requires that you go to the Rush Poker lobby and click the Join Now button again. Each seat taken is considered a separate entry into the game and you will never be seated at the same table with yourself.

Join Full Tilt Poker today and play Rush Poker, the fasted game online.