The William Hill Poker Rio Jackpot
Monday, 29. November 2010

William Hill Poker’s Rio Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments provide the Sit & Go specialist with an excellent opportunity to win themselves a massive cash windfall. The Rio Jackpot is a progressive jackpot that begins at $25,000 and climbs and climbs. The idea is quite simple, win six Rio Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments in a row and claim your massive prize.

William Hill Poker’s Rio Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments are six seat $20+$3.50 buy-in tournaments. In order to collect the progressive jackpot, players must win 6 Rio Sit & Go’s in a row. Of course, players will also claim their tournament winnings which are nothing to sneeze at either. Again, the Rio Jackpot is progressive and grows each week until a player claims it. Once the jackpot is claimed, William Hill Poker resets the jackpot to $25,000 and so it goes on.

William Hill Poker understands that almost winning the jackpot is almost as much as an accomplishment and thus offer is a consolation prize as well. Any player that finishes in either 1st or 2nd place in six consecutive Rio Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments wins $300 cash.

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