Win More Than Just The Pot When You Get The Top Hand Of The Day At Titan Poker’s Tables
Sunday, 24. October 2010

At Titan Poker, if you get the best hand of the day at their online tables, you win more than just the pot. Titan Poker is now offering their players a Top Hand of the Day Bonus.

The player hitting the Top Hand of the Day in Texas Hold’em non-tournament play at Titan Poker will walk away with the Top Hand of the Day Bonus of $100. In order for a hand to qualify for the Top Hand of the Day promotion, the following conditions must be met:

* The hand must be quad Kings or better.
* Both hole cards must be used to make the hand.
* The hand must have been hit in a Texas Hold’em ring game.
* A minimum of 3 players must have been dealt into the hand.
* In the event of two players hitting the same top hand, the player that hits it first claims the $100 Top Hand of the Day Bonus.

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