“Isildur1” Thrashes The Tables Taking $1,187,406 In A Day And A Half
Thursday, 18. February 2010

The Swedish online poker phenomenon, “Isildur1,” made his return to the super high stakes tables Monday evening facing several high level poker pros in multiple heads up matches on Full Tilt Poker’s virtual felts. “Isildur1” was not seeing a whole lot of success against Isaac “luvtheWNBA” Haxton but he completely devastated Justin “ZeeJustin” Bonomo dealing him the worst single day loss in the young pro’s career. In total, “Isildur1” made between Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon an impressive $1,187,406.

“Isildur1” spent the early part of Monday afternoon playing $200/$400 cap pot limit Omaha (PLO) against a number of notable players such as Alexander “PostflopAction” Kostritsyn and Ashton “theASHMAN103” Griffin. Things went well for “Isildur1” and he finished the session with $238,611 in winnings.

“Isildur1” then went on to play Haxton in an eight table $100/$200 No Limit Texas Hold’em match. Things did not go well for “Isildur1” in his match up against Haxton and “Isildur1” suffered a loss of $90,000 in just over 2,000 hands.

After is match against Haxton, “Isildur1” went on to meet Bonomo for six tables of $200/$400 No Limit Texas Hold’em. In just under 2,000 hands, “Isidur1” walked away with $567,515. The largest pot of the match saw Bonomo holding [Q♥][6♥] at the button and “Isuldur1” with [K♠][KH]. Bonomo opened with a $1,200 bet and called a raise by “Isildur1” to $4,800. The flop fell [K♣][Q♦][6♥] with Bonomo drawing two pair and “Isildur1” a set of kings. “Isildur1” led out with a $6,400 bet which Bonomo raised to $15,600. Bonomo’s raise was smooth called by “Isildur1”. The [8♠] fell on the turn and saw “Isildur1” check to Bonomo who fired a bet of $20,000. “Isildur1” sprang his trap and went all in for $71,797. Holding $64,991, Bonomo called and saw the set of kings starring up at him from the felt. The river fell [J♥] and “Isildur1” claimed the $170,781 pot.

“Isildur1” woke the following Tuesday morning to a game of four tables of $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha with Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Jani Vilmunene, Kostritsyn, Gus Hansen and Di “Urindaner” Dang. After a couple of hours of play, the four 6 max tables were reduced to one and “Isildur1” and Dwan played heads up on the other three.

The days largest pot between Dwan and “Isildur1” saw “Isildur1” holding [Q♥][10♥][8♥][6♥] and Dwan holding [9♠][8♦][6♦][4♦]. Dwan opened the betting with $2,000 from the button which saw a three bet from “Isildur1” to $6,200 to which Dwan called. The [9♦][7♣][2♥] flop was checked by “Isildur1” and Dwan made a $8,200 bet. “Isildur1” fired a check raise of $37,800 and Dwan called. The turn fell [6♣] giving “Isildur1” the nuts with a ten high straight and “Isildur1” moved all in for $83,139. Dwan had the bet covered and called the bet. The [Q♦] on the river sealed Dwan’s fate and “Isildur1” collected the $254,387 pot.

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