Convert Your Bodog Poker Points To Cash
Thursday, 21. October 2010

Whether you are winning or losing at the Bodog Poker online poker room, you are always earning cash. Bodog Poker allows their members to convert their Bodog Poker Points (PTS) into cash.

Members of Bodog Poker accumulate PTS while they play in real money ring games and tournaments and will also accumulate PTS as a function of time. Players earn PTS in real money ring games in a weighted scale whenever they contribute to a raked pot. The PTS that players will earn in a hand range from 0.05 points when involved in a hand where between $0.01 and $0.04 was taken in rake up to 1 PTS when a $1.00 or more was taken in rake. Players earn 3 PTS for every $1 that they pay in tournament fees. Players can also earn PTS as a function of time, earning 1 PTS for every 60 minutes that they spend playing in real money games. Players can earn up to 500 PTS for playing time each month.

Converting Bodog Poker Points to cash is quite easy. Players must do the following in order to make the conversion:

1. Log in to the Bodog Poker software and select the ‘Account‘ tab.
2. Select the ’Points to Cash’ tab.
3. Enter the number of Bodog Poker Points that you wish to convert in ‘Amount to convert’ and click the ‘Convert’ button.

Players may convert a minimum of 500 PTS and can convert up to a maximum of 25,000 PTS in a calendar month. For every 100 PTS that a player converts they will receive $1 in bonus.

Join Bodog Poker where whether you win at the tables or lose at the tables, you always earn cash.