Win More Than Just The Pot With Bodog Poker’s Royal Flush Bonus
Monday, 25. October 2010

You can play poker all of your life and never hit a Royal Flush. Should you hit a Royal Flush, Bodog Poker thinks that you should win more than just the pot. That is way Bodog Poker wants to help celebrate your Royal Flush with their Royal Flush Bonus.

Bodog Poker’s Royal Flush Bonus awards members with an incredible bonus of 50 x the big blind up to a maximum amount of $200. In order for players to qualify for the Royal Flush Bonus the Royal Flush must be hit in a real money Texas Hold’em cash game, both of the player’s pocket cards must be used to make the winning hand, 3 or more players must have been dealt into the hand and the Royal Flush must win the pot.

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