Enjoy Anonymous Tables Only At Ladbrokes Poker
Friday, 22. October 2010

If you have ever gotten the feeling that other players have a little bit too much information regarding your playing style then you can stop worrying. The Ladbrokes Poker online poker room is the first online poker room in the industry to offer Anonymous Tables.

Ladbrokes Poker’s Anonymous Tables allow players to forget about any knowledge that their opponents might have accumulated about them and to concentrate on playing. When sitting at the Anonymous Tables, players’ avatars and aliases are only visible to themselves. If a player at the table has made notes about another player sitting at an Anonymous Table then they will not be able to view them. All players sitting at the tables are given an anonymous alias. The best thing about the anonymous tables is that poker tracking software cannot make a connection between a player’s real alias and the anonymous one.

Join Ladbrokes Poker and start hitting the tables, anonymously, today.