Do Battle Against Your Opponents And Not The Dealer In Cake Poker’s Cake Tourney Blackjack
Tuesday, 19. October 2010

Cake Poker has just introduced Cake Tourney Blackjack tournaments, an old casino classic with a new school twist. The Cake Tourney Blackjack can be played from the Cake Poker software and offers participants all of the excitement of casino blackjack with a tournament structure that demands a strategic approach.

In Cake Tourney Blackjack, there is no house advantage and players compete against one another’s chip stacks as they draw against the dealer. The object of the tournament is simply for a player to have more chips than their opponents by the end of the tournament. It is important to note that it is of no consequence by how many chips that a player wins just that they have the most chips when all of the tournament’s rounds are complete. Cake Poker offers their members a choice between two Blackjack tournaments; Single Tournaments and Multi Tournaments.

Single Tournaments
Cake Poker is currently running Single Tournaments around the clock in two different formats; Mano a Mano (head to head) and Sit-n-Go’s.

Mano a Mano
Mano a Mano Single Tournaments are two player heads up tournaments. These tournaments will begin 10 seconds after two players have joined and last for 10 rounds. Winner takes all.

Sit-n-Go Single Tournaments will have between 3 and 6 participants. These tournaments will begin once 3 or more players have registered and are made up of 10 rounds. The 2 players with the greatest chip stacks at the end of the 10th round are paid.

Multi Tournaments
The Multi Tournaments are scheduled events that can be found under the MultiTournament tab from the Cake Poker lobby. Tournament details are explained in a broadcast message by Cake Poker once the Tournament Levels are established. The prize pools of the Multi Tournaments are determined as a function of the number of participants in the tournament.

Join Cake Poker and work your opponents at the Cake Poker Cake Tourney Blackjack tournaments.