It Pays To Refer Your Friends To Ultimate Bet Poker
Wednesday, 13. October 2010

UB Poker knows that it’s a great deal more fun to smash the tables when you have your friends cheering you on. That’s why UB Poker has just introduced their Refer A Friend program.

UB Poker is offering their members the opportunity to make themselves some money when they refer a friend and their friends will get a little something as well. When a player refers a friend to UB Poker, UB Poker will award them $75 cash and their friend $50 in Bonus Dollars once the friend has made a deposit and begins playing.

In order to participate in the UB Poker Refer A Friend program, the member must navigate to the Refer A Friend page of the UB Poker website and click on the ‘REFER YOUR FRIEN:DS NOW!’ button. The UB Poker member must then enter the names and email of the friends that they wish to refer. Each time a member’s friend registers for a new UB Poker account, UB Poker will send the member an email. Once the friend has made a minimum deposit of $50, UB Poker will send the member another email. Finally, when the friend has played in 200 real money raked hands, UB Poker will credit the member’s account with $75 and the friend’s account with $50 in Bonus Dollars.

Join UB Poker and start referring your friends and earning a little extra money today.