There Is A King’s Ransom Up For Grabs In UB Poker’s Royal Jackpot PLO Tables
Wednesday, 13. October 2010

UB Poker believes that when a player hits a Royal Flush in Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) that they should be awarded royally. Players hitting a Royal Flush in UB Poker’s Royal Jackpot PLO tables walk away with a share of a massive jackpot.

The Royal Flush Jackpot is progressive and awards not only the winner of the hand but all of the players that participated in the hand. The Royal Flush Jackpot PLO tables can be found in the UB Poker lobby under ‘Pot Limit Omaha Ring Games’. UB Poker collects $0.50 from every raked hand at the Royal Flush Jackpot PLO tables. Once a player hits a Royal Flush, 65 % of the Royal Flush Jackpot is awarded to players according to the following breakdown:

* 50% to the winner of the hand
* 25% divided amongst the other players at the table
* 25% divided amongst all of the other players participating at Royal Flush Jackpot tables of the same stakes

The remaining 35% of the Royal Flush Jackpot is divided with 25% going to seed the next Royal Flush Jackpot and 10% going towards UB Poker for administrative costs.

In order for a hand to qualify for the Royal Flush Jackpot, the winning hand must be made up of two cards of the player’s four hole cards and one or more opponents must use two of their four hole cards in order to make their best hand. Four or more players must have been dealt into the hand and the hand must go to a Showdown.

Join UB Poker and hit the PLO tables and try your luck for the huge Royal Flush Jackpot.