Step Up For The MiniFTOPS Satellite Challenge At Full Tilt Poker
Tuesday, 12. October 2010

The MiniFTOPS Satellite Challenge is open to all members of Full Tilt Poker. Members taking the MiniFTOPS Satellite Challenge will have the opportunity to win themselves as many MiniFTOPS XVIII tickets as possible.

Once having won a ticket to one of the MiniFTOPS XVIII events, a player is automatically registered for the event. If they continue to participate in satellites to the same MiniFTOPS XVIII event that they have already won a ticket and win again then Full Tilt Poker will award the player with the equivalent of the event’s buy-in in Tournament Dollars (T$).

Players that manage to win the most MiniFTOPS XVIII Satellite tournaments for each individual MiniFTOPS XVIII event will receive a bonus in T$ of twice the buy-in of the event. The second place finishers will enjoy a bonus of the T$ of the buy-in of the event.

Join Full Tilt Poker and see if you have courage to take the MiniFTOPS Satellite Challenge.