Full Tilt Poker’s FTOPS XVIII Series Is Just Around The Corner
Saturday, 9. October 2010

Full Tilt Poker’s Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) debuted back in August 2006 with just 8 events and just over $1 million in guaranteed prize pools. The FTOPS have come a long way and FTOPS XVIII will play host to 34 events and promises over $19 million in guaranteed prize pools.

FTOPS XVIII will begin on November 10th and will offer a selection of 34 different events, each hosted by a Full Tilt Pro. The events include a wide variety of different tournament structures; including, Shootout, Knockout, Turbo and Super Turbo events. The FTOPS XVIII will feature two major events, the Two-Day Event and the massive FTOPS XVIII Main Event that will offer a guaranteed prize pool of $3 million.

FTOPS XVIII will feature 7 Rush Poker tournament events; including, a HORSE and PLO/8 event. Rush Poker is the brand new tournament structure exclusive to Full Tilt Poker that is simply the fastest and most exciting tournament structure found online. With Rush Poker, once you fold a hand, you are immediately moved to a new table for your next hand.

In addition to the massive prize pools, FTOPS XVIII will also offer participants an amazing selection of prizes:

* All players that make it to a final table will receive an FTOPS jacket.
* Players that win an FTOPS XVIII event will also receive a gold FTOPS jersey and a gold FTOPS avatar in addition to their FTOPS jacket.
* The player that tops the FTOPS XVIII Leaderboard will receive a custom Full Tilt Poker avatar and a special prize package that includes entry into all of the FTOPS XIX events (approx. $10,000 in tournament entries) excluding the Two-Day Event.

Full Tilt Poker is currently running satellite qualifiers for the FTOPS XVIII events. In addition, players can use a Step 5 Ticket for any of the $200+$16 FTOPS XVIII events, Step 6 Tickets can be used for the $600+$40 FTOPS XVIII Main Event and a Step 7 Ticket can be used for a seat to the $2,000+$100 Two-Day Event. Players may also take the FTOPS XVIII Satellite Challenge for the chance to win extra tournament tickets as well as Tournament Dollars.

If you have ever watched the footage from the World Series of Poker (WSOP), you know how absolutely devastating that it can be to fall just short of the money, to be the “Bubble boy”. Full Tilt Poker will give players a chance to bounce back with their Bouncebackability Freeroll. Players that are eliminated just short of the money in any FTOPS event will get entry to the exclusive Bouncebackability Freeroll which will award the winner with a seat to the FTOPS XIX Main Event. The Bouncebackability Freeroll will be held on November 27th at 15:00 ET.

For players that find that the buy-ins of the FTOPS XVIII events are a little steep, Full Tilt Poker will be hosting the MiniFTOPS. The MiniFTOPS will have the same 34 events of the FTOPS XVIII at 1/10th of the buy-in. The MiniFTOPS will play out this December.

Join Full Tilt Poker and get ready for the FTOPS XVIII this November.