Win A Share Of A Bonus Prizepool In PKR’s Twin Tournaments
Friday, 17. September 2010

PKR’s Twin Tournaments give participants the chance to play in two great tournaments at the same time in multi-table mode and possibly win a share of a bonus prizepool. Each tournament provides their own individual prizepools from players’ buy-ins. In addition, a portion of each tournament’s fees will go towards an incredible bonus prizepool.

The Twin Tournaments take place every Tuesday evening and both begin at 18:30 GMT. Each of the Twin Tournaments have buy-ins of $5+$2 with $1.50 from each player’s $2 fee going towards the bonus prizepool. Each individual tournament of the PKR Twin Tournaments have their own prizepool and will pay their winners according to a standard tournament payout structure. In addition, the player that participates in both of the Twin Tournaments and finishes with the highest average combined finishing position receives 50% of the Twin Tournaments bonus prizepool. The remaining 50% of the bonus prizepool is split evenly between those players that succeed in cashing in both of the Twin Tournaments.

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