$6 Million Guaranteed In Full Tilt Poker’s MiniFTOPS XVII
Saturday, 4. September 2010

Full Tilt Poker members participating in the Mini Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) XVII this September have the opportunity to turn a small buy-in into a fairly large fortune. Players can get in on the action at the MiniFTOPS XVII events at a fraction of the price of the FTOPS XVII and claim their share of over $6 million in guaranteed prize money.

The MiniFTOPS XVII is playing host to the same 34 events of the FTOPS XVII at approximately 10% of the buy-in. The highlights of the MiniFTOPS XVII include:

* The $200+$16 MiniFTOPS Two-Day Event featuring a $600K guaranteed prizepool.
* The $70+$5 MiniFTOPS Main Event featuring a $1 million guaranteed prizepool.
* 6 Rush Poker tournaments including Event #33, the $20+$2 NLH Rush Rebuy featuring a $350K guaranteed prizepool.

The MiniFTOPS will begin on September 8th and run through September 19th. Each event of the MiniFTOPS XVII will be hosted by a different Team Full Tilt Pro. The series opens on September 8th at 21:00 ET with Event #1, a $20+$2 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament hosted by Team Full Tilt Pro Phil Gordon offering a $200,000 prizepool. The series closes on September 19th at 17:00 ET with the MiniFTOPS XVII Main Event, a $70+$7 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament hosted by Team Full Tilt Pro Carlos Mortensen offering a $1,000,000 prize pool.

It’s not just cash prizes on the line in the MiniFTOPS XVII. All players that make it to a final table in one of the MiniFTOPS XVII events will be rewarded a MiniFTOPS jacket. Winners of each event will receive a silver MiniFTOPS jersey as well as a MiniFTOPS jacket to go along with the winner’s share of the prize money.

As with all of the runnings of the MiniFTOPS, Full Tilt Poker will be maintaining a MiniFTOPS XVII Leaderboard. The 1st place finisher on the leaderboard will receive an incredible prize package that includes entry into all of the FTOPS XVIII events, excluding the Two-Day Event. This amazing prize package is estimated to be worth approximately $10,000 in tournament buy-ins.

Full Tilt Poker is currently running satellites fore the MiniFTOPS XVII events in their MiniFTOPS XVII Satellite Challenge.

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