Saddle Up And Bring Your Boom Stick To Carbon Poker’s Bounty Tournaments
Tuesday, 24. August 2010

There is no more satisfying feeling in a poker tournament then sending another player to the rails. Not only do you get the enjoyment of dashing another players hopes and dreams of poker glory but it also brings you one step closer to the prize money. Carbon Poker’s Bounty tournaments brings the joy of knocking out another player and prize money together in a perfect harmony.

With Carbon Poker’s Bounty tournaments, a percentage of each person’s buy-in is set aside as a bounty. The overall payout structure of a bounty tournament remains the same; however, once a person is knocked out, the money that was set aside as their bounty is awarded to the player that knocked them out.

The beauty of Bounty tournaments is that even if you don’t place high enough to cash in the tournament, you can still make a profit from the tournament by claiming bounties. The Bounty tournaments at Carbon Poker are available with a range of different prize structures. Bounties can range anywhere from 10% of the buy-in all the way up to 100%. In a 100% Bounty tournament, knocking out another player will award you with an amount equal to the buy-in.

Visit Carbon Poker for a schedule of their upcoming Bounty tournaments.