Roll Through The End Of Summer Real Cool At PartyPoker With The Snowball Promotion
Monday, 30. August 2010

The people at PartyPoker are more than confident that their members will love their latest classic style promotion, The Snowball. The Snowball allows player to roll their way through a series of levels, each awarding players prizes. Players will keep the prizes offered at each level as they move through so the size of the prize just snowballs. The Snowball offers PartyPoker members the opportunity to win up to $5,000 in cash and freeroll entries worth an incredible $100,000.

The idea is very simple. All that players that are required to do is earn as many PartyPoints as possible throughout the month of September. Players earn PartyPoints as they participate in many real money ring games and tournaments.

The Snowball Promotion prize structure is as follows:

The Snowball Final freerolls will run according to the following schedule:

$5K Freeroll: October 4th, 14:30 ET
$10K Freeroll: October 5th, 14:30 ET
$15K Freeroll: October 6th, 14:30 ET
$20K Freeroll: October 7th, 14:30 ET
$50K Freeroll: October 8th, 14:30 ET

Join PartyPoker and prepare yourself for an avalanche of prizes in September.