Ultimate Bet Wants To Invite You To The WPT Festa Al Lago In Las Vegas This October
Wednesday, 25. August 2010

The Bellagio Las Vegas will be hosting the World Poker Tour (WPT) Festa al Lago this October and UB.com wants you to join them for some serious poker and the opportunity to win millions of dollars. UB.com is currently running qualifiers where UB.com members will have the opportunity to win an amazing all-inclusive $12,000 WPT Festa al Lago prize packages as well as side events that award amazing Wireless Poker Controller computer accessories.

UB.com’s $12,000 WPT Festa al Lago prize packages include the $10,300 main event buy-in as well as an additional $1,700 for travel and expenses. The WPT Festa al Lago promises to attract all of the biggest name in poker gunning for glory as well as the massive prizepool.

In order for members to win this amazing prize package, they are required to win their way through 3 rounds of qualifiers:

Round 1
Round 1 consists of UB.com’s WPT freerolls that run from Monday through Saturday, August 23rd through October 10th. The top 100 finishers move on to Round 2.

Round 2
Round 2 consists of UB.com’s Weekly Final where the top 100 finishers move on to the third and final round.

Round 3
The third and final round consists of the Main Event. The Main Event will award the incredible $12,000 WPT Fest al Lago prize package.

This WPT Festa al Lago promotion is about more than just the tournament at the Bellagio. UB.com members may also participate in the Poker Controller Side Events for the chance to win an amazing Wireless Poker Controller. The Wireless Poker Controller is a product dedicated for use by UB.com members. They have both a wired and wireless connection and allow players to control their actions with far greater speed and accuracy than a conventional mouse and keyboard.

UB.com’s Poker Controller Main Events are scheduled for September 19th and October 3rd at 20:30 ET. UB.com is hosting five daily freerolls every Sunday from August 29th through October 3rd.

Join UB.com and start getting in on the action today.