Cake Poker Pays It Forward For Haiti
Tuesday, 23. February 2010

Cake Poker called upon its players to help the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake and the response was fantastic. The Cake Poker membership stood up and contributed a total of $16,720 in donations.

Immediately following the earthquake in Haiti, Cake Poker announced a series of “holding tank” tournaments for players in order to make donations via the American Red Cross for Haiti. After two weeks of tournaments, the holding tank looked as follows:

$5 Holding Tank: 464 donations
$25 Holding Tank: 124 donations
$100 Holding Tank: 40 donations
$200 Holding Tank: 9 donations
$500 Holding Tank: 11 donations

The $16,720 in donations accumulated by Cake Poker’s membership was met by Cake Poker for a total of $33,440.

Join the charitable Cake Poker community today!

Cake-Poker, Haiti.