Turn A Bad Beat Into Big Jackpot Cash With PlayersOnly Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot
Monday, 2. August 2010

PlayersOnly Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot can help turn that huge disappointment into a serious amount of cash. Have you ever hit quad jacks only to be taken down by a straight flush? Have you ever hit a hand that you thought was impregnable only to have it all taken away by something even huger? How much money did you lose? With PlayersOnly Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot, you can turn the most disastrous beat into the biggest pot that you ever won.

The Bad Beat Jackpot is available only on the specially designated Bad Beat tables that can be found in the PlayersOnly Poker lobby. Players Only Poker takes $0.50 from every pot generated on the Bad Beat tables and adds it to the Bad Beat Jackpot. Once a player takes a bad beat holding quad sevens or better, the Bad Beat Jackpot is won. The great thing is that not only does the bad beat victim enjoy the jackpot, so do all of the other players that were dealt into the hand at the table.

The Bad Beat Jackpot payout structure is as follows:

* 35% to losing hand
* 17.5% to winning hand
* 17.5% to other players dealt in
* 20% towards next Bad Beat Jackpot
* 10% to the house

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