Nick Moran Recruited As The New Face Of Ladbrokes Poker
Tuesday, 3. August 2010

The online gaming giant Ladbrokes have announced that Nick Moran, of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels fame, will be the new face of their online poker room for 2010. Moran, with the help of the Ladbrokes Poker pro Jon’skalie’Kalmar, will be hosting a series of lessons on the Ladbrokes Poker School which will lead Ladbroke Poker members on a crash course on all aspects of the game starting from the novice level all the way through expert topics. The lessons will come in the form of online videos, pod casts and articles and will begin from ‘getting started’ and take participants through lessons on advanced poker strategies and bankroll management.

For those that believe that they are ready to hit the tables against some real players, Moran and Kalmar will be playing at Ladbrokes Poker’s online poker tables at regular intervals giving Ladbrokes Poker members the opportunity to watch them play, pick up some poker tips and even take them on. Moreover, both Kalmar and Moran will be joining Ladbrokes Poker for the Irish Poker Festival this October in Killarney.

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