Doyle Brunson Talks Marriage With The Wall Street Journal
Friday, 12. February 2010

Pick up any poker publication in print and you will most likely come across a piece on Doyle Brunson. Having been involved in the game of poker for over 50 years, Brunson is poker’s living legend and the player who commands the most respect in the industry bar none. These days, you can find other publications that respect his iconic stature.

This week, Doyle Brunson and his wife Louise were featured in a piece on happily married couples appearing in the Life & Style section of the Wall Street Journal. Also interviewed for the article were Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne and Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter.

When asked for advice for a long and happy marriage, Brunson replied by saying some things are best kept secret. Over his more than 50 years of playing poker, Brunson has both won and lost millions of dollar. Brunson felt that not filling his wife in on all of the wins and losses has been key in maintaining their 47 year marriage.

In Brunson’s latest book, The Godfather of Poker, Brunson recounts his lifetime of legendary gambling as well as his life experiences. The book cover everything from tragedies like the loss of his son to major highlights like his 10th WSOP bracelet victory to crazy endeavors like his effort to raise the Titanic.

Look for Doyle Brunson under his screen name “Texas Dolly” in Doylesroom and take a shot at the legend.