The Mini-UBOC 5: Small Buy-Ins And Big Prizes
Thursday, 5. August 2010

Ultimate Bet will be running the Mini-Ultimate Bet Online Championship (UBOC) 5 alongside the UBOC 5. The events of the Mini-UBOC 5 will mirror those of the UBOC 5; however, they will have significantly smaller buy-ins. Don’t let the smaller buy-ins fool you, the Mini-UBOC 5 offers big prizes. As with the UBOC 5, the Mini-UBOC 5 will begin on August 18th and run for 12 days.

Ultimate Bet will be maintaining a Mini-UBOC 5 Tournament Leaderboard. The leaderboard will reward the best performing players throughout the 20 events of the Mini-UBOC 5. The Mini-UBOC 5 Tournament Leaderboard will award the following prizes:

TD’s is short for "Tournament Dollars." TD's can be exchanged for entry in all of Ultimate Bet’s tournaments. In addition to the above prizes, the top 50 finishers will receive seats to an exclusive Mini-UBOC 5 freeroll tournament. This freeroll will award the top 5 finishers with seats to Ultimate Bet’s $200K Guaranteed Tournament which plays out on Sundays at 16:00 ET.

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