The Durrrr Challenge Finally Returns with Patrick Antonius Coming On Strong
Tuesday, 3. August 2010

The action came back to the Durrrr Challenge tables after a three month respite this Sunday morning as Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius came together for 280 hands of poker action. Antonius walked away from the encounter ahead $224,672 for the day but down $1.6 million in total for the challenge.

Thus far, Dwan and Antonius have played a total of 39,254 hands out of the 50,000 hands required for the Durrrr Challenge. Antonius managed to take down the four largest pots in Sunday’s exchange with Durrrr.

The first major pot begin with Antonius raising $1,200 pre-flop which saw a raise from Dwan that took it to $3,600. Not to be out done, Antonius responded by raising the action to $6,000 which saw Dwan again raise to $18,000. Antonius finally called and the two saw a flop of [7][10][J]. Dwan started out the betting with a pot bet of $36,000 to which Antonius responded with an all-in bet of $94,000. Dwan made the big call and showed his [A♠][5♠][J♣][Q♣] for top pair and a straight draw and Antonius showed his [5♦][Q♥][9♣][8♦] for the nuts. An [A] fell on the turn giving Durrrr a glimmer of hope with two pair but a [4] on the river sealed his fate and the enormous $185,000 pot went to Antonius.

The next largest pot began with a little bit of raising with the pre-flop. The flop fell [5][3][7] with two hearts and Antonius bet the pot. Dwan then raised the bet to $8,500 which saw a 3-bet by Antonius to $27,900. Dwan pressed enough to force Antonius all-in and Antonius obliged pushing his entire $79,000 into the pot. Antonius turned his cards to show [A♥][4♥][3♣][3♥] for a set of 3’s and both flush and straight draws while Dwan showed [6♥][4♣][8♥][K♦] for the nuts. Unfortunately for Dwan, the turn showed a 5 which paired the board giving Antonius a Full House. The river had nothing for Dwan and Antonius collected the $160,000 pot.

While Antonius certainly had a big day, he is still well behind in the overall standing. In order to claim the $1.5 million prize he will need to have a great run against Dwan over the course of the remaining 10,646 hands of their challenge. If Dwan maintains his lead over Antonius and finishes the challenge with at least a $1 lead over Antonius then Antonius will have to fork over $500,000.

Both Antonius and Dwan had nice showings at the World Series of Poker WSOP. Dwan enjoyed a second place finish in the $1,500 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournament under Simon Watt and walked away with $381,000. Antonius finished in 601st position in the WSOP Main Event for a cash of $24,000, his first WSOP tournament cash in two years.

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