Get In On The Gold Stacks Cash Grab Today At DoylesRoom
Thursday, 27. May 2010

DoyleRoom is extending their Gold Cash Grab promotion through the end of July giving their members more opportunity to grab as much cash as possible this summer. From June 1st through July 31st, Super Turbo Rewards have 50% more value.

Players earn Gold Chips at DoylesRoom as they earn Frequent Player Points (FPPs). As players accumulate FPPs, they fill in their Gold Chip Meter. Once players fill the Gold Chip Meter, they are awarded a Gold Chip which is visible to the right of the Gold Chip Meter. As players accumulate Gold Chips, they will begin building stacks.

The Gold Rewards Program - Gold Stacks awards players for building stacks. The program is made up of 50 levels: the first 10 levels award players with Gold Chips, the next 10 levels award players with bonuses and level 20 and higher award players with cash.

The Gold Stack Cash Grab awards players with 50% more cash and prizes than does the regular Gold Rewards Program - Gold Stacks.

Join DoylesRoom and start taking advantage of this incredible promotion today.