The Joker Sit & Go Tournaments Are Back At Bwin Poker And They Are Better Than Before
Monday, 7. June 2010

Bwin has brought back their wild Joker Sit & Go tournament structure and it is even better than before. Bwin Poker has doubled the Joker Freeroll prize to $1,000 and added an additional $1,000 towards the pot which participants can claim via the weekly Joker Sit & Go Tournament leaderboard. The Bwin Poker Joker Sit & Go tournaments will be running from June 14th through July 25th.

The Joker Sit & Go tournaments are 10 seat No-Limit-Hold’em Turbo Sit & Go tournaments with a buy-in of $2+$0.20. What makes the Joker Sit & Go tournaments truly unique is their crazy prize structure which pays out 50% for 1st, 30% for 5th and 20% for 9th. With players not knowing whether to win or lose, the game can get pretty wild.

The best thing about the Joker Sit & Go tournaments is that nobody loses. Players that do not manage to win in the money still have the opportunity to win themselves some cash. Players not finishing in the money receive a ticket to the “I lost the Joker” Freeroll tournament. The “I lost the Joker” Freeroll is scheduled to run every Saturday from July 19th through July 24th at 18:00 GMT+1.

The Joker Sit & Go Tournament leaderboard is just as wild as the tournament itself. Leaderboard Points are awarded only to 1st, 5th and 9th place finishers. Players receive 3 Leaderboard Points for finishing in 1st place, 2 Leaderboard Points for finishing in 5th place and 1 Leaderboard Point for finishing in 9th place. Bwin Poker awards $1,000 to players each week. The Joker Sit & Go Tournament leaderboard calculates how many Leaderboard Points each player earns from Monday through Sunday and awards the 1st place with $500, 5th place with $300 and 9th place with $200.

Join Bwin Poker today and checkout the wild Joker tournament structure.