Turbo Gold Cards Every Friday & Saturday At Cake Poker
Wednesday, 21. July 2010

Cake Poker is turning up the heat on their ring game rewards and handing out Gold Cards at twice the rate every Friday and Saturday at Cake Poker’s Ring Game tables. This is an excellent opportunity for members of Cake Poker to build their Gold Card collection and cash in in a big way in Cake Poker’s Match & Win game board.

Cake Poker are issued randomly to players participating in Cake Poker’s real money ring games. A Gold Card is issued when a predetermined amount of rake is taken from the table. The Gold Card is awarded to one player at the table at random. The higher the stakes of the table, the more frequently Gold Cards will be issued.

Players that match their Gold Cards with Cake Poker’s Match & Win game board win cash and cash bonuses. Gold Cards may also be used as buy-ins in Cake Poker’s exclusive Gold Card daily satellites and tournaments.

Join Cake Poker and start collecting your winning Gold Card hand today.