Show Off Your Achievement Badges At Full Tilt Poker
Monday, 19. July 2010

What are Full Tilt Poker Achievement Badges? Full Tilt Poker members can show off their accomplishments in Full Tilt Poker’s online poker rooms with Full Tilt Poker’s Player Achievement Badges. Achievement Badges are earned when players complete certain specific challenges while playing in their favorite games.

Once players have earned an Achievement Badge, they may display their badge on their avatar. Achievement Badges remain on display for one month and then players must accomplish more challenges. There are four types of Achievement Badges:

Full Tilt Poker Academy Badge

Iron Man Challenge Badge

True Poker Player Badge

Rush Poker Badge

In order for players to earn a Full Tilt Academy Badge, they must complete a minimum of three Academy Challenges in a single month. When players complete a challenge, they receive Academy Credits which can then be used in exchange for use in the Academy Store.

To earn a Iron Man Challenge Badge, players must earn their Iron Man Status. Players earn their Iron Man status by accumulating a set minimum of Full Tilt Points over the course of each month by playing in real money ring games, tournaments and Sit & Go’s. Depending upon the number of Full Tilt Points that players accumulate, they can achieve one of the four possible Iron Man Status Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Iron. In addition to the Full Tilt Points that players accumulate for playing, players will earn Iron Man Medals which can be exchanged for Full Tilt Points, tournament tickets and cash bonuses in the Iron Man Store. Players may also win up to $100,000 in the exclusive Iron Man Freeroll tournaments.

Of all the four Achievement Badges available to players, the True Poker Player Badge is the easiest to acquire. In order to earn the True Poker Badge, players are simply required to play in anyone of Full Tilt Poker’s real money ring games, tournaments and Sit & Go’s.

Players earn their Rush Poker Badge by earning 50 Full Tilt Points in a month while playing in any of Full Tilt Poker’s Rush Poker games. Rush Poker is a high-octane game structure where whenever a player fold their hand, they are whisked away immediately to a new table for another hand.

It is important to note that in order to get credit for a challenge, players must first register for the challenge. Players register for challenges from the Full Tilt Poker Academy web site.

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