Win Big Money In The FTP Master Series Championship
Friday, 16. April 2010

The Full Tilt Poker (FTP) Master Series is a three day televised live poker event that will award players with a $100,000 prize pool and crown one player Spanish Poker Champion. In each day of the FTP Masters Series, the participants will have the opportunity to play in 4 tournaments over the course of 3 day event, each with a different tournament structure. The variety of different tournament structures will test a range of essential poker skills and ensure that the person crowned Spanish Poker Champion is the most complete poker player in Spain.

32 players will be participating in the FTP Masters Series. 16 of them will be made up of the overall best performers in the Full Tilt Poker Series - España and the other 16 will qualify through Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt Poker will be awarding points to participants according to how well they finish in each one of the four tournaments in the Full Tilt Poker Series - España. The top 50 finishers in each of the tournaments are awarded between 5 points ( 50th place) and 100 (1st place) towards the FTP Masters Series Leaderboard. The 16 players topping off the FTP Masters Series Leaderboard will receive a seat to the FTP Masters Series. The remaining 16 players will be made up of members of Full Tilt Poker that will qualify through their online poker room.

The FTP Masters Series schedule is as follows:

Day One
Deep-stack tournament

Day Two
Shootout tournament
Players are awarded points according to their performances in each of the first two tournaments. The top 16 players continue on to Day Three.

Day Three: Part 1
Turbo Tournament
Players are awarded points according to their performance in the Day Three: Part 1 Turbo Tournament. Those points are added to the points that the players accumulated in the first two days of the event. The top 8 players continue on to Day Three: Part 2.

Day Three: Part 3
Heads-Up Tournament
The winner takes the top prize and the honor of being the Spanish Poker Champion.

The first event of the Full Tilt Poker Series - España begins on April 23rd in Casino Castell de Peralada in Gerona and the last tournament ends on December 5th in Gran Casino de Barcelona in Barcelona. Full Tilt Poker is already running qualifiers and satellites for Full Tilt Poker Series - España prize packages.

Join Full Tilt Poker today, the title of Spanish Poker Champion is just waiting to be claimed.