Bodog Offers Odds On Who Killed Archie Miller
Tuesday, 16. February 2010

The online bookmaker Bodog announced that they will be offering odds during the live broadcast of the EastEnders when it is revealed who killed Archie Mitchell on Friday, February 19th. This means that fans of EastEnders can place bets at Bodog prior to the broadcast and continue to follow the odds as they change while the story line of the show unfolds live.

At the moment, Bodog has Sean as the 2:1 favorite but the odds will most likely change as the season progresses. In-running betting has been popular in sports for years; however, it has never been done in relation to soap operas. Bodog is breaking new ground, yet again. Managing Director of Bodog Europe, Keith McDonnell commented that while bets have been offered on other shows before such as Big Brother but that offering bets on a soap opera is taking it to a new level.

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