Suffer A Bad Beat And Win Big At Sportsbook’s Poker Room PlayAces
Tuesday, 29. June 2010

Have you ever had the hand of a lifetime only to get sucked out in a bad beat? Well, Sportsbook’ Poker Room, PlayAces, knows that this happens and are now offering a Bad Beat Jackpot to help turn that bad beat into big money.

$0.50 from every pot played on Sportsbook’ Poker Room, PlayAces, Bad Beat tables is added to the Bad Beat Jackpot. The Bad Beat Jackpot is claimed once a player loses with a hand of Quad 7’s or better. Not only does the bad beat victim win big with the Bad Beat Jackpot, all of the active players get a portion of the prize money. The Bad Beat Jackpot is divided up as follows:

* 35% goes to the player that suffered the bad beat
* 17.5% goes to the player that won the hand
* 17.5% goes to all of the other players that were dealt into the hand
* 20% goes towards the next Bad Beat Jackpot
* 10% goes to MergeGaming

In order for a player to qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot, the following conditions must be met:

* The winning hand and the losing hand must both include both of the players’ hole cards.
* A minimum of four players must have been dealt in at the beginning of the hand.
* The pot must have generated a minimum of $0.50 in rake.
* The hand must have gone to a showdown.

The big money opportunities at Sportsbook’s Poker Room, PlayAces, don’t end with the Bad Beat Jackpot. Visit Sportsbook’s Poker Room, PlayAces, today and see for yourself what they have going on.