Big Rewards For Sportsbook Poker’s Best Performing Multi Table Tournament Players
Tuesday, 15. June 2010

Sportsbook Poker is rewarding their best performing Multi Table Tournament (MTT) players each month in their Play Aces MTT Leaderboard promotion. Sportsbook Poker is tracking their player’s performances in real money MTTs and awarding them points for every MTT that they participate in over the course of each month. The 100 top ranked MTT players on the Play Aces MTT Leaderboard are invited to play in the Leaderboard Grand Final. The Leaderboard Grand Final awards the winner a Live Tournament prize package worth up to $15,000. The Live Tournament prize packages include live tournament buy-in, travel and accommodation.

Players receive points in every MTT that they participate in according to the following formula:


Buy-in for Freezeout MTTs = Buy-in cost of tournament (not including fee)
Buy-in for R/A MTTs = Prizepool/(Entrants+Rebuys+Addons)
Entrants = Number of participants
Position = Finishing position

The Final Table Bonus is calculated according to the following table:

The month is till young. Join Sportsbook Poker and start your rise up the Play Aces MTT Leaderboard today.