Sportsbook Poker Is Calling All Sit & Go Specialists
Thursday, 1. July 2010

Sportsbook Poker is calling all Sit & Go specialists to participate in their Sit & Go Leaderboard. Sportsbook Poker is offering $12,000 in cash prizes each month to the top performing Sit & Go players in their online poker room.

Players finishing in the top 25 positions in Sportsbook Poker’s monthly Sit & Go Leaderboard with a total of $10,000. In addition, Sportsbook Poker will award an additional $2,000 to the Sit & Go player with the best winning streak.

Players earn points towards the Sit & Go Leaderboard with every real money Sit & Go tournament that they participate in. Points are awarded as a function of the number of entrants in the tournament, the buy-in of the tournament and the position in which they finish according to the following formula:

A player’s Sit & Go Leaderboard Total is calculated by taking the points accumulated in all of the Sit & Go tournaments that a player participates in multiplied by their Streak Bonus. A player’s streak bonus is based on a player’s best Sit & Go winning streak for the month where a 6-seat Sit & Go in a streak awards a bonus of 1 and a 10-seat Sit & Go in a steak awards a bonus of 1.5. For example, if a player’s best Sit & Go streak in a month is 5 consecutive Sit & Go tournaments where two of the tournaments were 6-seat Sit & Go tournaments and three of the tournaments were 10-seat Sit & Go tournaments then their Streak Bonus would be 6.5 (1+1+1.5+1.5+1.5).

Players finishing in the top 25 positions in the Sit & Go Leaderboard receive the following cash prizes:

Players with the top 5 Sit & Go Streaker Bonus receive the following prizes

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