Laak Takes Heat 2 Of Party Poker Premier League IV
Monday, 15. February 2010

Heat 2 of the Party Poker Premier League IV ended in exactly the same way that Heat 1 ended, with Phil “The Unabomber” Laak claiming victory. A smiling Laak outlasted the rest of the field earning himself another 16 points, $32,000 and a near guaranteed placement seating at the final table.

Appearing with Laak for a second day were Roland De Wolfe, JC Tran and Yevgeniy Timoshenko. New to the table were David Banyamine, Phil Hellmuth, Tony G and the online qualifier Giovanni Safina.

The first to hit the rails on Saturday was Yevgeniy Timoshenko. Timoshenko found himself severely short-stacked after a number of big laydowns at the outset of play and simply could not recover.

Tony G was the next to take his leave. He started well but took a strong position with pocket fives against David Benyamine’s pocket tens and found himself short-stacked at the end of the exchange. Tony G took his leave soon thereafter.

With four players left at the table, JC Tran had the chip lead and looked poised to win; that is until he ran into a brick wall in sunglasses and a yellow hoodie. Dealt [K♠][Q♦], Laak raised to 78,000 and Tran pushed Laak all in with [A♣][J♠]. The two saw a [A♠][J♦][5♥] flop, giving Tran two pair and Laak outs to a straight. The turn landed [6♥] leaving Tran in the lead but it just wasn’t to be; the [10♥] on the river gave Laak his straight and the chip lead. Tran was eliminated a couple of hands later when his pocket jacks were out-raced by Laak’s [A♦][K♥].

David Benyamine was next to go the way of the Dodo. Benyamine with [A♠][9♠] went all in against Laak with [K♠][J♠]. Laak flopped a jack and claimed yet another victim and another big pot.

Heads up play was underway with Laak holding a massive chip lead against Roland De Wolfe. With the help of some great playing, De Wolfe managed to fight back to almost even. But the day was Phil Laak’s. The final hand of the day saw Laak limping in from the button with pocket deuces to which De Wolfe immediately raised to 260,000 with pocket eights. Laak moved all-in followed by a quick call from De Wolfe and they were off to the races. The flop dropped [6♠][3♠][2♠] and Laak hit his set. The turn fell [3♥] and the river [Q♥] sealed De Wolfe’s fate. De Wolfe walked away in second place with 11 points and $22,000.

The third heat of the Party Poker Premier League IV is scheduled to begin at 12:00 PM on Sunday and will see the players continue to jockey for position at the final table.

Party Poker regularly runs qualifiers to all of the big live events in addition to their prestigious Premier League.