The Million Dollar Points Race This June At Sportsbook Poker
Thursday, 27. May 2010

Sportsbook Poker invites all of their members to participate in their Mega Million Dollar Points Race offering participants the chance for over 12,000 individual cash prizes for a total of well over $1 million. There is no registration involved in participating in the Mega Million Dollar Points Race, all players are required to do is earn as many VIP Points as they can from June 1st through June 30th. Players earn VIP Points at Sportsbook Poker by while playing in real money ring games and tournaments.

Throughout the month, Sportsbook Poker will be tracking the number of VIP Points that every player earns. Players will be divided into 15 different levels corresponding to the number of VIP Points that they earn over the course of the month. The prizes get progressively larger with each passing level with Level 1 paying a cash prize of $2.50 and Level 15 paying a cash prize of $15,000. There are a limited number of prizes for each level so the players fulfilling the VIP Point requirement of a particular level will receive the prize. The Million Dollar Points Race prize structure is as follows:

Participants in the Million Dollar Points Race should periodically check their VIP Points totals over the course of the month to see where they stand. In order for a player to view their VIP Points totals, they must click the Player Admin button from the Sportsbook Poker lobby and select “Million Dollar Points Race.”

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