Ultimate Bet Poker Offers Their Best Sign Up Bonus To Date
Friday, 28. May 2010

UB Poker’s First Time Deposit Bonus is their signup bonus promotion to date. Players making their first deposit with UB Poker are awarded a 111% bonus up to $1,100 in Bonus Dollars. Bonus Dollars are a part of UB Poker’s loyalty program, RAI$E. Players release their Bonus Dollars and convert them into cash by earning Status Points. As players move up the RAI$E ladder, the number of Status Points required to release Bonus Dollars decreases.

Following are the different levels of the RAI$E loyalty program and their corresponding Bonus Dollar conversion rates for every Bonus Dollar:

For more information regarding UB Poker’s loyalty program, please visit UB Poker .

Players earn Status points on UB Poker by playing in real money ring games and tournaments. Players earn Status Points in real money ring games according to the number of raked hands that they participate in as a function of whether they are playing in Limit or Pot/No Limit games and whether the game is a low stake or high stake game. Players earn Status Points in real money tournaments at a rate of 1 Status Point for every $0.30 paid in tournament fees.

Players have 60 days from the date of the issue of the First Time Deposit Bonus in order to release it. After 60 days, any remaining Bonus Dollars are forfeited.

Join UB Poker and start taking advantage of their fantastic First Time Deposit Bonus promotion today.