The First Deposit Signup Bonus Promotion At Titan Poker
Friday, 28. May 2010

Players making their first deposit with Titan Poker qualify for their First Deposit Signup Bonus promotion. The First Deposit Signup Bonus promotion awards first time depositors with a 100% bonus up to $500. As with all bonuses, Titan Poker’s First Deposit Signup Bonus must be cleared; otherwise, there would be nothing stopping people from making a $500 deposit, receiving their $500 bonus and make a withdrawal of $1000 from their account.

Titan Poker releases the First Deposit Signup Bonus as players accumulate Titan Poker Points. Players earn Titan Poker Points as they player in real money ring games and tournaments. With real money ring games, players earn 1.7 points for every $0.50 of rake taken from any hand that they were dealt into. In other words, if $2 is generated in rake then each player that participated in the hand will receive 6.8 Titan Poker Points. Players participating in real money tournaments receive 17 Titan Poker Points for every dollar that they pay in tournament fees. In other words, if a player participates in a $20+$2 tournament, they will receive 34 Titan Poker Points (17 Titan Poker Points/$1 x $2).

The First Time Deposit Signup Bonus is released in increments of $5 where 600 Titan Poker Points must be earned in order to release $5.

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