Annie Duke Crowned National Heads Up Poker Champion
Tuesday, 25. May 2010

Team UB Pro Annie Duke made quick work of poker pro Erik Seidel to become the first woman to be crowned the National Heads Up Poker Champion. Upon winning the championship, Annie Duke was quoted as saying “ I finally didn’t come in second on NBC.”

The three hours of NBC coverage began this past Sunday with the semi finals. The semi finals saw duke paired with Dennis Phillips, 2008 WSOP Main Event finalist, and Scott Nguyen paired with Erik Seidel. The table with Nguyen and Seidel saw a great deal of action and banter while the table with Duke and Phillips was relatively quiet and reserved.

The second hour of the broadcast saw what was undoubtedly the call of the tournament with Duke calling a big bluff from Phillips with nothing more than a jack high. After being whittled down to close to nothing, Phillips went all in with [A][8] and was sent to the rails when Duke showed pocket sevens.

After having seen Phillips fall with his [A][8], Nguyen folded a [A][8] when Seidel pushed all in with [J][10]. The final hand saw Nguyen calling all in with [K][9] on the river with trip nines with the board showing [9][10][5][7][9]. Unfortunately for Nguyen, Phillips was holding [9][7] for a full house and went on to the finals.

The final match between Seidel and Duke was played out as a best of 3 match series. The first match seemed to be going Seidel’s way but, in the end, Duke managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

The second match of the best of three series began with Seidel up early but the tables soon turned when Duke doubled up when she went all in holding [7][4] against Seidel’s [K][10]. The flop fell [9][Q][7] and Duke hit a pair. Duke’s luck held out when the turn fell [Q] and the river [5]. The final hand of the second match saw Duke calling all in holding [K][5]and Seidel called holding [8][7]. The cards fell [6][9][4][5][9] and Seidel hit the straight giving him the second match.

The third and final match saw Seidel to an early chip lead until Duke stood her ground with [Q♦][9♦]. Seidel was holding [A♦][K♦] and it appeared that Seidel had the hand in his pocket; however, it wasn’t to be. A queen fell on the flop and a 9 on the river and Annie Duke claimed the $500,000 first prize and the title of National Heads Up Poker Champion.

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