Dwan Expands Lead Over Antonius By $315K
Wednesday, 10. February 2010

Last night, Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Patrik Antonius sat for nearly three hours and 883 hands of poker. Dwan had another profitable session at Antonius’ expense adding another $314,828 to his lead which now stands at a very significant $1,392,760 after 32,795 into their 50,000 hand “durrrr” Challenge series.

Last night’s losses added to what can be considered a disastrous opening to 2010 for Antonius who is now down close to $1.8 million in online cash games. Dwan has claimed victory against Antonius in eight of their last nine challenge meetings.

Much of Dwan’s money in this session came in small and mid-sized pots with only six of the 883 hands played cracking the 100K mark.

The first six figure hand came about 45 minutes into their match on table 1. Antonius opened betting from the button with $1,200 only to see it re-raised by Dwan to $3,600. Antonius followed up strong with a four bet to $10,800 which Dwan called. Dwan led out betting on the [10♣][8♦][3♦] flop with a pot sized bet of $21,600, committing nearly half of his stack. Antonius called and the turn fell [4♣]. Dwan pushed all in with $26,592 and Antonius called. Dwan had a 4-1 lead after the flop but the turn put them even, Antonius with [K♦][Q♣][8♣][4♠] and Dwan with [K♠][10♦][7♠][6♣]. The [J♠] landed on the river giving Dwan his flush and the $117,984 pot.

The next six figure hand came only eight hands later, again on the first table. Antonius was dealt [7♣][5♥][4♦][3♠] and led with a raise of $1,200 from the button. Dwan was dealt [A♠][K♦][Q♣][2♠] and made a three bet to $3,600 which Antonius called. The flop fell [10♠][6♦][2♦] and Dwan check called the $6,000 bet from Antonius and then check called an additional $14,800 from Antonius when the [2♠] hit the turn. The river dropped [K♠] and Antonius fired out a $48,800 bet which Dwan correctly called and Dwan claimed the $146,399 pot with deuces full.

The largest pot, $150,777, of this last session went to Antonius when he hit his card on the river. Dealt [Q♠][Q♠][5♠][3♠], Dwan opened with a $1,200 bet which was met by a three bet by Antonius, dealt [7♠][6♠][4♠][3♠], to which Dwan called. The [Q♣][7♠][4♣] flop saw Antonius with two pair and a wrap draw and Dwan making top set and a gutshot straight draw. Dwan fired a $4,800 bet to which Antonius check called. Antonius checked the [J♠] turn and Dwan bet $16,800 only to have Antonius come over the top with a huge $67,200 bet. Dwan called all in with $50,189 and was in excellent shape with a 9-1 lead on the pot. But this hand wasn’t to be for Dwan and the [5♠] hit the river giving Antonius the seven high straight.

Antonius is currently down close to $1.4 million with a little over 17,000 hands left in their challenge.

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