The New Seven Deuce Tables At Ultimate Bet Poker
Saturday, 22. May 2010

Anyone that has watched a broadcast of Poker After Dark on NBC or High Stakes Poker on GSN is familiar with the seven deuce side bet. The seven deuce is the worst starting card combination in Texas Hold’em and it is not uncommon for a poker table to agree to a side bet that pays players that play a seven deuce and win a hand. Playing a seven deuce and winning a pot is a bold testament to a player’s aggressive and fearless nature. This is the idea behind UB Poker’s new Seven Deuce tables.

When a player joins a Seven Deuce table, they pay into the Seven Deuce side pot. Once a player at the table wins a hand holding a seven deuce, they claim the pot and the players at the table contribute to the next side pot. Should a player leave a Seven Deuce table without anyone having claimed the side pot, they are returned the money that they contributed to the side pot.

Join UB Poker where there is more to showing your winning seven deuce then the pleasure of humiliating your opponents.