PokerStars Offers A $600 Sign-Up Bonus
Tuesday, 18. May 2010

PokerStars is offering first time depositors a 100% sign-up bonus up to $600. Players have the opportunity to make up to 3 separate initial deposits within a 90 day time period and have all of the deposits qualify for the 100% sign-up bonus. Once players have made their first deposit (or deposits as the case may be), their sign-up bonus is released as players accumulate VIP Player Points (VPPs). Players earn VPPs at PokerStars as they play in real money ring games and tournaments.

Players earn VPPs in real money ring games when dealt into a hand as a function of how much money PokerStars rakes from the pot. All players dealt into a hand, regardless of when they fold, will earn VPPs. For every $1 that is raked in tables of 7 or fewer seats, players earn 5.5 VPPs and for every $1 that is raked in tables of 8 or more seats, players earn 6 VPPs. For every 17 VPPs that a player accumulates, $1 of their bonus is released. Players dealt into a hand with a table of 8 or more seats where $3 is raked will earn 18 VPPs ($3 x 6 VPPs) and simultaneously release $1 (18 VPPs/17)of their bonus.

Players earn VPPs in multi table and Sit & Go tournaments at a rate of 5.5 VPPs for every $1 paid in tournament fees. For example, a player registering for a $100+$9 tournament will earn 49.5 VPPs ($9 x 5.5VPPs) and simultaneously release $2 (49.5 VPPs/17 VPPs, on the cusp of $3) of their sign-up bonus.

Players have six months from the moment of their first deposit in which to release their sign-up bonus. At the end of six months, whatever sign-up bonus they haven’t deposited is forfeited.

Join PokerStars today and experience for yourself why they are the number one online poker room in the world.